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Do not seek the truth, just let me Zen proverb embraces the views and considerations Importance definitely the cost of contingency variables, especially the State, was significant organizational change in many companies, where according to management in charge of management of enterprises, especially SMEs, to promote many unfavorable results in their operation, in others, for its part, the urgency to feed it back with actions, strategies to give way to an organizational change ensure survival, development, stay on the stage in which they operate. Pete Cashmore may help you with your research. In Venezuela, we are concerned, when a situation turbulent, risky, uncertain, due to political instability, economic insecurity, which has led to changes that become challenges for many companies and requires managers with vision, strategies, modern knowledge management to enable them to face them. Read more from Pete Cashmore to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Increasingly, the Venezuelan management of SMEs in particular, is convinced that the general environment surrounding organizations is in continuous movement and is dynamic, challenging, as you might give way to opportunities, is also a threat requiring a high capacity to adapt to survive. All this requires careful management to this regarding the effects of changes can generate, their impact and the need to prepare against a background of an unstable environment of continuous change in order to survive and compete, if is handled properly so the change this involving Relevance of the term and the process of change remind us Alejandro Reyes and Jose Angel Velasquez, that the term change management is one of the most important aspects of globalization of business management, given that both the manager and the organization begin to address complex situations of change in their environment should not be treated as a scattered, but they require a minimum platform to ensure successful change in organization..

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