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Some factors that influence equilibrium are:-the extent of the base that holds our body, i.e. it keeps best balance with both feet on the ground than if we are with one foot.This is because, with one foot on the soil of the area that sustains us body is smaller. The height to which the center of gravity is located.We were much higher, harder to maintain balance.If we climbed above a chair it will cost us more balance. The difficulty of the exercise. The functioning of the nervous system, since if we are going to fall and our system responds quickly to stimuli to return to our position we have more possibilities to avoid falling. The degree of stability of the ground or surface.It is easier to endure the balance walking overland that when it is not skating on an ice rink. The ability of concentration and nervousness, as rather concentrated and less nerves have easier will be maintaining balance. The balance is very important for all kinds of sports that at all times you must keep you in a good position to shoot, throw, etc.

A good balance is critical to all persons in daily life. Other things that should be aware of the balancing factors involved. The factors involved in the balance of a special shape are the sensory, (i.e. the own senses), hearing, sight, touch and Kinestesicos bodies. Ear intervenes through the semicircular canals and located within the vestibular apparatus, and this whole system constantly informs us of our position. Through the eye we can observe the distances of objects and establish references, contrasts, etc., intervening with this squarely in the balance. The touch, like the other senses, intervenes to informing of the different positions that we experience through pressures, strains, etc. A test that would help us to assess our level of balance is the test of walking on a balance beam.

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