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Management System

Designers were able to create the station for its crew, spacious living rooms, comfortable positions for conducting research and management station. Total number of positions to seven. Post number 1 – central control station; positions number 2 and number 6 are used for manual astro-orientation and astronavigation station; Post number 3 and number 7, which is managing the scientific equipment, office 4-Management of scientific instrumentation and medical research; post number 5 – Management of stellar telescope Orion. In the area of post number 1 is a table where astronauts can take food, drinking water reservoirs, and food warmers. Here is the “home” tape recorder, tape recordings, library, an album for drawing.

On the left and right side of the working chamber there are beds. In the area of bathroom cleaner set (for a sufficiently large space station, designed for long-term work in conditions of weightlessness, the fight against dust and pollution is an important problem). For even more details, read what Dell says on the issue. On board the space station Salyut is a variety of systems, such as the control system onboard complex (Subki) Power System (EPS), which, in addition to solar panels, rechargeable them is constantly rechargeable high capacity battery, this temperature and humidity system (CTP) with outdoor “hot” (ie placed ua sunny side) and “cold” heat exchangers; life support system (CCF), which provides the crew of diverse food replacement. linens, has sewer and sanitary. device, various household supplies, tools training, prevention, and medical monitoring, the system of providing gas composition (SOGS), released in the atmosphere of oxygen and absorb “carbon dioxide and harmful impurities, the system of docking and internal transfer (SEP); telemetry system, a set of communication facilities, including equipment for two-way radio communication with Earth in the short and ultrashort waves, for internal communication between the bay station, for transmission to Earth television image and telemetry data, for the trajectory measurements and receiving control commands from Earth. In conducting research at the station “Salyut” serious attention paid to the study of the cardiovascular system of astronauts during their unprecedented duration of the flight. This is primarily due to the fact that the state of human circulatory system is affected by many external factors, including the forces of gravity.

Circulatory system was investigated, so to speak, in two modes – in a state of relative rest and under stress, in the performance of certain physical exercises. In the second case study closely resembled the physiological experiments carried out in our terrestrial laboratories: the work is shared by two cosmonauts and one of them played the role of the subject, another researcher In this on-board equipment to detect and transmit to Earth, or write to the forest “quantum magnetic storage media three programs, three sets of physiological parameters, five various parameters or characteristics of each. Analyzing the results of physiological studies, physicians have noted that given the individual norms and characteristics of the crew, we can assume that during space flight lasting about one month remains quite functional usefulness of the apparatus of circulation. Several times during the flight were taken blood samples for later analysis on Earth. In Later in the course of this analysis, the wbc, leukocyte count and platelet count in a thousand red blood cells, blood levels of glucose, urea, cholesterol.

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