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All marketing experts began emulating someone. Emulate is a fancy name for observe, study and learn from. We learn to walk, to speak, to write, and even to love the people who surrounds us. You started a business because you saw others doing it. You learned to drive a car seeing another first and then doing it yourself. Marketing works the same way. Importance of repetition in your business. A proven way to write a great letter or advertisement, is sit and copy by hand the best ads and letters that you can find.

Who made more money. In other words: those who employed excellent marketing strategies. What happens, is that the way of thinking of the author begins to leave its imprint on your mind, after repeating this process a few times. And let me tell you this method works. Recommendations that you need to take into account to carry out a Marketing strategy that works. I recommend that you start a file of marketing for your business ideas.

Everytime you see an ad or a direct marketing letter, or a steering wheel that attracts your attention, keep it. Recorded good television commercials. This will help you to evolve your marketing tactics, it is advisable to ask yourself, what kind of ads or sale approaches respond? What business I like to visit, and why? Become a Hound of marketing. Let’s look at a case study of real life. That it will help you to improve, streamline and develop their marketing strategies. CASE study 1 Comparadas with other shoe stores, a very successful store called Nordstrom has sales up to 9 times higher per square meter. How do they do it? Well, for starters, employees always bring three pairs of shoes from the tank when you are attending a customer. Style and colour requested; a different color in the same style; and a choice of the employee.Three specific things. They also take note of your number of footwear and shoes style that you like. They send you promotions with special offers. They have special offers only for your number and samples of new styles for customers only. Everything this you the message transmitted, we care about you, the customer. how you can apply these tactics of marketing to your business? Different business, different products, however, the same end, sell more, by this reason be attentive to Los following examples in a video always store can bring other two different videos with each client request. A clothing store can do the same when you ask for a specific size. A car dealer can offer to try two cars which he selects, based on the customer’s first choice. A restaurant can offer a tasting of other dishes on the menu, and so on start to ask yourself, if it works for them, why not for me? Find out, try it. You apply these marketing strategies during a week or a month. What you have to lose? We have reviewed a first case. However, that is not all, there’s more to know. If you want to know more case studies that will make your sales grow, grow and attract future clients or in your case, to those who already are, because in the following article may extend the knowledge of the same.

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