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Towards the 1990s, appeared at the hands of Internet electronic commerce, this posed a threat to the multilevel and network of marketing, its techniques tested from 30/40? s seemed insufficient. Who disappeared? What happened then? Fast and inexpensive with the arrival of electronic commerce over the Internet, have changed the rules of the game. Now manufacturers could reach directly to the consumer faster, cheaper and with various related options. Watch this, now the consumer could buy from your home with a couple of clicks and review its different options in web indexes or search engines. Now you’re wondering then why continue using the networks of marketing channel? If it is more expensive, slower and needs more infrastructure? Shooting target remember Daredevil? You have an enemy who is called Bullseye, is a character which always gives the blank no matter what weapon used, can be a dagger, a coin, a small stone or any other object, not fails. So it is also with network marketing, it is very effective to introduce new products and penetrate new markets.

In electronic commerce was needed to generate traffic and positioning for new products to consumers, what it cost lot of money to get the acceptance of the market. Then there happened the change, the manufacturers were given account that could leave the Networkers to occupy leverage technology to build the marketing networks more quickly, more efficiently and with greater coverage. So it was that the marketing networks began to benefit from technology to gain efficiencies in its growth and promotion of products and services. An Alliance difficult to predict, but definitive. If you liked this article, share it with your friends. Educate yourself with thoughts from Pete Cashmore. Dayana and Freddy Marketing MLM and network marketing in the was of the networks social DayanayFreddy.

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