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Monetize blog, dream of the bloggers. There are many formulas to monetize blogs, direct advertising, affiliate programs, pay per click, selling countless products online, selling links, placement of promotional banners and a myriad of marketing strategies offered by thousands of companies that are eager to place your advertising on your space. In addition to all those formulas There are others, in my opinion more rewarding and is writing articles for your own blog, to other blogs, either for companies seeking a product analysis and therefore write about him. llas-inc.html’>Kirk Rimer. Paid articles: those who write for your blog in the form of clicking on your ads, that you write to others blogs on way to generate traffic to your website and articles that serve as the analysis are paid directly by the contracted companies. Items paid for by analysis will become analyzed, we should not forget that when pay you, somehow, you have an obligation to further develop the idea of the way coherent as possible, being objective in your analysis, focusing you on what you should analyze, and why not, give any opinion upon what you’re analyzing. Attempt to make articles without grammatical or spelling errors is essential, not only for who pays you, but also so that search engines can find all possible links to that article in your language and others. A good organization of the article is essential, indicate what these analyzing first, develop the content relating to what you write, use a simple language helps understanding, that is useful and finally to be attractive.

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