Go A Strategies

Strategic Planning to Help You Go 'A'!


It would seem that many " lecturers motivacionales" they are in the business of the spectacle. They will teach to him how he must send shouts to project his inner force or how he must jump and dance to celebrate his future successes to the compass of " we plows the champions" or than it is happened to him to put that motivational lecturer turned into diskjockey. They will make him remember traumatic and/or touching moments of its life in the middle of the penumbra surrounded by candles, with steam similar to the one of the best discotheque and loudspeakers of high tech that emits prepared music so that you have his sensitivity to skin flower and is but easy to manipulate. To other they will convince it times so that it walks on ardent live coals so that you believe that you can support all type of pain. It will be a burn in the feet similar to the pain an infidelity? They will make it laugh until the tears will make, it participate, play as if outside a boy. They will make it break wood blocks to represent that it can break its own mental blockades.

You will even take note from some phrases and it will take hopeful to its house the last pamphlet to all color of its favorite Gur. Soon all those artificial games will last a few days and its motivation will be in favor again of grounds and will be necessary that " motivador" it returns. Of that form many people are being " capacitadas" indiscriminately and blatantly by " motivadores" that they do not only know of real personal overcoming and they are specialistic in creating wealth for they themselves and the organizations whom they look for to express his workers to obtain majors utilities. The ego of the lecturer so is inflated that he could travel envelope.

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