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Increasingly, the search engines, Internet users have to drive in the same phrase 'how to create an online store?', And the majority still wants to charge. What about the word 'free', I will not say anything, everyone wants a freebie, but believe me, this is not the case! You ask why? Now themselves understand everything! First: The online store includes sale of any goods, via the web. And the product must be demanded by people and you should provide them with anyone who paid money for it! And if the goods are not claimed, then the point in making an online store – no. Second: competition is brutal. What do you think? E-shop – it's commerce! And the novice without any knowledge of html and php, with no required knowledge of optimization and promotion in search engines, as well as the breakdown of the nature and nerves of steel, do nothing. Can only help fat wallet, but it will constantly diminish. After all, any site in tremendous competition in the first place do not stay long. For example, one request only 'book online store e-books', the search engine produces about 1 million Web sites and pages. Read more here: Ian Cole.

What are then the chances of your site even be in the top 100? Third: The responsibility for the goods. Since, in fact, you are a seller, then, accordingly, you should be responsible for quality and reliability of your proposed product. Must provide a guarantee for He, as well as ensuring the delivery of goods to the integrity and security. Necessary and ensure that your site feedback to a potential buyer could contact you and ask him questions one word, you Need organizational skills and a business plan before creating an online store. Fourth: You must be over 20 years to register as a sole proprietorship (FE), open bank accounts and obtain BIN in tax.

These data are necessary and indicate in your future online store. If you already have PI and decided to also do the promotion of its goods via the Internet, then you already can skip this paragraph. On this I finish, it is basically what is required of you to open your own online store for its activities. Ready for this? Then I sincerely wish you good luck in this difficult but rewarding business!

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