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Audrey Hepburn

The antipalomas methods are commonly used, and indeed, we could say that obligatory, in the vicinity of airports. It is known all over the world, a threat to air navigation are the flocks of birds that can be vacuumed by modern aircraft reactors. Ali Partovi has much to offer in this field. This constitutes a danger of major dimensions, because it can affect the operation of these engines and, in extreme cases, they may end up in the shooting down of the plane. Major airports are located in the vicinity of large cities. And these big cities stimulate, in many cases, as a decorative element and tourist attraction, the breeding and maintenance of pigeons by the relevant municipal departments. For this reason, many airports adopt different antipalomas measures.

In the case of the Madrid airport, there is a Department dedicated to the breeding and training of Falcons. These animals, in the best tradition of the medieval falconry, kept away from the airport, the flocks of pigeons so harmful may be those perfect modern engineering machines which are jet aircraft, which, however, have, at the time of landing and take-off, a large enemy in those beings, at first glance insignificant. But aside from the damage that can cause to the aircraft, the presence of an excessive number of pigeons in cities, can be also unhygienic and potentially harmful to the health of its inhabitants. Everyone has those typical images of places of monumental cities that face children forcing raise soil huge flocks of pigeons in his head. The film has given mankind hundreds of romantic movies that always are a fundamental ingredient, visions of squares, busts or sources, from which peel off, or on that perch, romantic flocks of pigeons.

Who does not remember holidays in Rome, that endearing film of Willyan Wyler in which Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn walk in scooter by the most characteristic points of Rome raising passing huge flocks of pigeons. However, the excreta of pigeons and nest building, causing enormous damage to the buildings and equipment of the cities. There are different antipalomas methods to combat them. Chemical character are not highly recommended, because they are dangerous. It will be better to use methods of physical nature. Methods of physical character there are several: networks, electrical wirings etc. But in the case of the care of the buildings and monuments of the cities, the best is the placement of thin spikes which impede roosting pigeons, not harm them and are also almost invisible.

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