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Open Forum of the PP

In addition, during the Open Forum of the PP, the party used these networks to organize “meetups” where people could take pictures with politicians. Another of the most famous users of these networks is Barack Obama. The new U.S. President has been able to use new technologies to promote citizen participation and establishing a closer bond with their followers. The Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, or Gaspar Llamazares, are other examples in the world of politics that have joined these networks. In addition, singers David Bisbal, Marta Sanchez and Rodolfo Chikilicuatre the well-known feature profiles on different online portals where you hang your photos and comments.

So, we know that Tuenti (like other social networks) offers many opportunities and tools to enable its users to interact with people of similar interests but we must bear in mind that these platforms can arise famous double. Many people are registered with fake profiles and people pretend to be known as singers, models and even members of royalty, as in the case of the Princess of Asturias, with multiple profiles on Facebook. So much so this practice is widespread, according to Moyano Icarus himself explains, the review of contents of the pages of the members of your network is focused on identifying, verifying and closing this type of profiles. Network of Networks With a run that started in his early years in the making of the Theory of Six Degrees, social networks are now fully established and are the example clearer and more concrete the concept of web 2.0. But is not the only Tuenti. Facebook and MySpace are, besides Spanish, some of the best known and, because of the great reception they have had a social level, these platforms are growing and are becoming more specific. LinkedIn, for example, is a social network for businesses and to exchange knowledge and views with different professionals. A network for culture, music and literature is Dejaboo, here you can meet people who share your same interests. Badoo, meanwhile, is a network that is available in sixteen languages and can make friends and share experiences.

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