Go A Strategies

Strategic Planning to Help You Go 'A'!

Personal Level

(it is your environment). If you do not want to be there, then it must change your way of acting something could do has several possibilities: can simply go without saying nothing and draw attention; or the patient can make the behavior that you select will depend on a certain chosen strategy and its capabilities. Is it able to go against all his companions without problems, so simply? if you can do it, is an option when it comes to acting. Another strategy could be the person to invent is some physical discomfort or illness… Visit Ali Partovi for more clarity on the issue. To achieve this it might start to take the head, or pretend that it hurts him waist, etc.

In this case could act so knowingly that don’t want to lose the job you need and at the same time wants to go. Have you seen any cases thus? usually happens in work in dependency ratio! The strategy you choose that person will depend on their beliefs and values. If you think that you can easily find another job, then it doesn’t much sense that invents a flu symptoms. In addition, beliefs and values of this person, are in turn determined by its identity. If cannot see herself, identified, as a person of success, then it is very possible have the belief, the belief that can easily get another job and even could secede occupationally. We continue advancing in levels, your identity depends on your purpose in life, a sense of the spiritual, of something deeper about why believes that it is in this life and how you want your presence to influence his family, friends, community and society.

This example illustrates the idea that a neurological level have a significant influence over those lower levels, and very little influence on the upper levels, such as Robert Dilts poses in this model of neurological levels. Thus, to make a personal (or also in an organization or community) change permanent and sustainable in time, it must be aligned with the higher logical levels or should take place directly in the highest possible level. Put another way: how much deeper the level at which there is a change, most impact at lower levels.(and not the other way round).A small change in the spiritual level, can cause a big change at all other levels, namely at a global level.

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