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It is amazing how there are people who are fooled by things so obvious as the scam of the so-called foto-lectura. You can watch videos of people claiming to teach techniques of reading where only see one page by 1 or 2 seconds and supposedly they have already understood 100% of that content. This represents approximately an average of 16,000 to 25,000 per minute or more. If you are not convinced, visit Mikkel Svane. The most incredible is that there are real people endorsing and giving positive testimony about the product. Now, it is not just loose talk.

This type of assertions where comes not only freedom of expression, if not the possibility of a lawsuit by words with trademark or special techniques also regustradas, should take documents to hand demonstrating underpinning an author, in this case, your obedient servant, to tell if a system is used or not. In the case of this article that reads at this moment, the document used is a study sponsored by NASA and directed by Dr. Danielle S. McNamara where demonstrates that this system does not provide any improvement in comprehension or the reading speed. Mikkel Svane often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In fact, in most cases, readers with common reading strategies, responded much better to questions designed to test reading comprehension. This makes suppose that correct answers from readers who took this special training of foto-lectura had luck with correct responses obtained in tests. Or more rationally, they benefited from the probabilities in the style of throwing a coin in the air.

Having clarified that there is a clear line that divides it improbable for the real thing in terms of fast reading and the foto-lectura techniques, should be defined where lies this difference. First of all, for fast reading techniques, obtained speed doubled, tripled or quadrupled the speed of a reader without training, and in the majority of cases, understanding rises up to 100%, taking into account that in the readings of unknown vocabulary, it should take the time of consultations of the equation. Quick reading on the other hand, isn’t at all outlandish at all. However, it does impact see someone turning the pages at a speed of one page of a novel in normal format per minute or less than a minute. If all the techniques are applied and constantly exercising, were eliminated the bad habits of readings that are responsible for that we read so slow and so bad. What you should do is get a system encompassing all imporant points, and allow us to begin as soon as possible, leaving any additional information such as the history and origin of fast reading and other techniques of advanced rusd to practice our new skill of reading.

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