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Caleta de Fuste, in the municipality of Antigua, announced its intention to adhere to the Plan strategic of promotion of the Canary Islands in the family segment, included in the Islands Canary 2020 model, elaborated by the Ministry of of the Government of the Canary Islands, that Rita Martin directs, and own Councillor for the area submitted to all tourist towns at a meeting held last April. Rita Martin was satisfied by the rapid response of the town of old to your request to agree on measures and involve all actors at the difficult situation facing the tourism sector at the international level. He also encouraged other municipalities to follow this path to adapt the destination to the new demands of tourists and achieve the necessary synergies to achieve the new tourism strategy to be effective, in order to consolidate the position of leadership of the Canary Islands as a tourist destination. In this way, Caleta de Fuste will adopt the seal of quality Canaries, Destination of families, which will certify the global offering of its public spaces, beaches, etc. and serve as a springboard for the rest of tourism, such as nautical or welfare products. Canary Islands 2020 new tourist future Islands Canary 2020 model, agreed with the economic and Social Council, and own Councillor for tourism presented to all tourist towns at a meeting held in Tenerife, is based on a scheme of quality, compatible with sustainability, and whose areas of activity encompass aspects such as tourism, marketing and marketingthe professionals, the participation, sustainability, innovation and technology. Islands Canary 2020 includes the implementation of clubs of product, the search for excellence in the provision of tourist service through the professional development of the sector, or the promotion of coordination between the public and private sectors. Presents many opportunities of insertion, requalification for professionals in the tourism sector in the current times of crisis, of which I am convinced that the Canary Islands destination will be reinforced, so it is necessary to act with flexibility and determination underscored Martin..

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