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Primitive Sums Combinations Tens Strategy

The primitive was born during the reign of Carlos III, means that it is the oldest lottery of Spain with more than 248 years of existence. For this reason, La Primitiva has become one of the most famous in Spain, being the oldest and one of the more affordable in a matter of price. As I said about Euromillions, in La Primitiva, get the winning combination of 6 numbers from 49, it is impossible, since it is pure chance and luck, although we can also use some statistical strategies on the primitive that can make us even more trust in luck. February 16, 2011, numbers that most times have come in La Primitiva are 39, 47, 38, 3, and 48 with a total of 321, 316, 315, 309 and 311 times respectively. Although these figures de La Primitiva frequently do not correspond completely with the winning combination more frequent. The most frequent in La Primitiva combination usually consists of 6 numbers which are divided into 4 tens between 1 and 49; 2 numbers in a dozen, 2 in another, 1 on a third and 1 more in fourth ten.

In addition to the dozens of La Primitiva, must be borne in mind that the 6 numbers are divided into 3 pairs and 3 odd and often distribute 3 numbers between 1 and 25, and other 3 numbers between 26 and 49. Other facts: the 6 possible numbers in La Primitiva, have never appeared or 6 or 5 numbers followed and only 11 La Primitiva sweepstakes have appeared up to 4 consecutive numbers. On the other hand, the most common sum in the Antiderivative of the 6 numbers usually range from 140 to 149, and after 248 years of La Primitiva, there is only a lottery whose sum is between 250 and 279. With respect to the more graceful tens in La Primitiva, first is the 30 to 39 and secondly from 40 to 49.

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