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Production Preperations

Some processes are involved in the beginning of the displacement of the wind. Being it foresees, it can be said that a more cold region is a high-pressure region and a hotter region, is a region of low pressure. Knowing that the trend of the air that this in the high-pressure center is to go in direction to the center of low pressure, this displacement is called displacement of air. Some factors exist that can influence in the displacement of the wind, however this is one of the main ones. Valley to remember that air never is static and yes dynamic. Drawing of the modifications drawings of the modified parts product of to be developed fan are presented in the appendix in this work. 3,7 Forecast of costs and strategy the investment foreseen for all the project of plant and products will be of approximately R$ 10.266.618, 00.

The estimate of return of the invested capital will be of approximately 5 months, assuming the strategy of if producing an alternative product in the period that the company has not asked for delivery of fans that will give of the August months January. The G12 will produce the alternative product in the March months the July. 4 SUBSTANCE COUSIN Inevitably in recent years, for economic reasons and the incessant search for new technologies, the plastic use started to have a bigger use in the current scene, it enters the main reasons of its use is the price and the low cost for its transformation. The plastics demonstrate to an excellent index of trustworthiness and advantages on the materials where it can be used in the substitution, such as aluminum, steel and the glass and it allows to a bigger flexibility of project and economic efficiency in the productive process. (HEMAIS, 2003). In accordance with the searched bibliographies exist some types of polymers, which result of three types of process: addition reaction; condensation; modification of other polymers.

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