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Road Safety

Eng. Mario Holguin friend Don Eduardo Bertotti, Argentina Road Safety Institute, recently wrote an important reflection, very well conceptualized and proven around the success experienced in his country’s plan of road safety there is carried out. It’s believed that technology investor sees a great future in this idea. In summary, he repeated something that sometimes has expressed at conclaves and especially in your digital magazine. And it wasn’t more than practice recommendations that constantly make the Nations of greater experiences on the topic, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, without excluding Portugal. The global and regional congresses held each year end up making the same comments. Therefore, simply achieve success in road safety countries where laying down institutional leaderships, number one. And number two, when resources are delivered to develop their plans in terms of State policy. If those are the keys, why special interests can be more than the serious consequences for society to run or postpone the? implementation of a strategic road safety plan? The truth is that disorder in single vehicular traffic as a result brings two fundamental things, with disastrous consequences: victims and losses on the economies of Nations.

Now, the engine or factor catalyst for reaching the point of awareness in the fight against the barbarism that represents road violence is when the Government reaches the maximum political interest and integrates the society to the process. The countries of greatest progress made a great effort to share their good practices with the furthest. In Dominican Republic does not exist an institution or exclusive agency with authority to design and implement a comprehensive national plan for road safety, without that vitiate in authority to one or several official institutions in the same sector. This is due to the multiplicity of roles that have sector offices transit and transport, as well as the variety of problems found in the streets, derived from its users. Different entities struggle for prominence, the lack evidence of initiatives by the collective well-being, preventing success in the measures taken.

A governing body of road safety is essential to direct the public policy of the State in this regard obeying to a process of integration of a great diversity of social actors. An organ competent with autonomy, authority, leadership and budget, are more specific weight requirements. A Superintendency of road safety would meet those expectations?, single and only single if it operates without diverting his attention to other matters to clearly define their competence. The country requires effective and capable technicians in the sector, with technical criterion on the political supporter. This is another dilemma because it’s a complex issue that involves psychologists, educators, engineers and traffic projects, accidentologos; specialists in statistics, in communications, in advertising, in computer science, in management, in international relations; lawyers, public relations, Protocol, etc.; In addition, a multisectoral, sensitive and committed Board. To do participate in its programmes to all sectors of society of the Dominican national life. Original author and source of the article.

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