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Cheap Energy

He added that if approved by the Corema cheap energy, should be required but for that you must be a legal modification, should tell the truth to people, environmental compensation and most important of all, to pay a royalty, a special tribute for the communes and for the region. Peace Foitzich, also independent of the Covenant by a Chile clean, happy voting, expressed that I’m not outright in favour of the construction of dams in Aysen. First because we have a high tension line that will pollute the region completely. Secondly I think it is necessary to strengthen a renewable energy policy, today we have a royalty to the mining industry and would like to know how much of that royalty is investing in research to renewable energy. In addition we have in the region a regional development strategy which validates precisely the construction of hydroelectric plants, sustainable development and activities such as tourism, fishing, aquaculture, livestock, validated in that we are not added.

Why today the ayseninos have to put us stand and defend what we have by nature, which is water, a great resource. The radical candidate Ernesto Velasco pointed out I am by the nationalization of the water, I am non-conventional renewable energy, am for energy efficiency and am against what are the dams in the Region of Aysen. He listed their arguments by pointing out that between now and 2025 projects that are in the CNE enable, with NCRE, energy diversification that the country needed to continue producing. Also believe that the strategy of development of the Aysen Region is obviously not compatible with these mega dams, since obviously a place which is a reserve of life where they are two-thirds of the world’s water resources is more compatible with a tourism, which generates 500 million dollars annually, while in Patagonia, argentina in our between U$ 50 to 80 million. Finally, within the questions that made citizenship highlighted of the aysenina Leal Daniela, wearing a t-shirt Patagonia without dams, to peace Foitzich. Given this, the candidate has deepened the already above, making a call to make a plebiscite in Aysen. Original author and source of the article.

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