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Sales Strategies

Hi this time I touch the topic of sales, which are the fuel of any business, because through the sale of a product or service in the market, they generate the money needed to make the company operate successfully. Imagine you’re a buyer of your company or business. And think about the possible times that you atendiste someone in a bad way, you were not able to solve your problem, or simply ignoraste him not answering their questions, calls or emails electronic. Te Imaginas as is felt? No problem, the important thing is to realize, is never late for aprenderde errors, is why it is very important to concentrate on both excellent service to the customer, and respect it and appreciate it for what is: a person, and not a means to achieve certain goals. And today I share 5 effective sales strategies so that you apply them in your company or business to improve and protect the service from your service. 1 Capacitate.-is of vital importance to be trained in services oproductos you offer to your customers, to answer all your questions einquietudes to solve your problem or satisfy your need.

If tienespersonas that support you in your business, also capacitalas to brindenel same quality service to the customer, because if they hide behind is to say: I’m sorry, that’s not my job will be very annoying for the customer. All the queocurra is your responsibility to a client, so it is very importanteestar trained to offer an excellent service to the customer. 2.Adaptate to the client.-always try to listen to the client, rather than begin talking about your company, its competitive advantages, discounts and demascosas related to the company, learn to listen to your client, their concerns, problems and needs that search that solve you, you should always seek feedback via your client and from there you will find the adecuadade way to offer your product or service.

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