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It is important to understand that the HR-management – is not an end in itself, but only a means to grow our business. By becoming experts in the business of the company, the recruiter is more effective and in staffing. Internal recruiters are spending too much time on reading and sorting resumes. The same they usually account for alleged lack of time for anything else, including an active search. This problem is simple: a) reduce or even stop) the flow of resumes, and b) to instruct them sorted trainee or assistant. Instead, the recruiter is really qualified to do better than actually looking for: the right to tie contacts, the search and stimulation of referees, building good relationships with the professionals, the development of "recruitment networks" … Start with the people who work in the department for which you are looking for someone … They're all worked somewhere before? Just ask them the names of their former colleagues …

recruiter who spends more than 20% of the time reading a resume is not a "bounty hunter", but simply a reader. Internal recruiters allow linear managers to evade recruitment, thereby "killing" his work. Yes, managers do not like to do recruiting. However, is not it written in every textbook on management, that the main task manager – to attract and motivate the right (read: better) people? Therefore, the task of the recruiter – to persuade and encourage line managers to actively cooperate with you, return the function of recruitment of managerial responsibilities.

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