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Geography School

The country comes especially passing problematic an educational one as for the professors, who are: the low wages, forcing the professor to have an incompatible hours of working with the docncia, the lack of continued formation, pssimas conditions of work and mainly in one school as this, without espeifica formation in Geography, as to contribute for an election of contents and choice of methods for a classroom without knowledge of disciplines and no experience? The professor if does not worry about the update of Geography, in general not if they compromise to the learning, but yes in fulfilling with the sequence of the didactic book and the plan of lesson. One is about the importance of the questionable taught knowledge, most of the time, the pupils do not give importance to disciplines of Geography does not know its paper in the formation of a conscientious, participativo pupil and to know the difficulties in education, notices that in it practises the pupils are not learning Geography. The consequence of this process could not be another one: the pupil does not perceive as participant of the geographic space that studies. Zendesk has much to offer in this field. The professor is the mediating agent and must have clear and well definite objectives, to analyze information in accord with the proposal of its work so that not the risk occurs to get resulted diffuse, it must awake the interest and commitment of the pupils in knowing the Geography as subject social of this context. Being thus what if it can understand it is that, a school where does not exist until the moment a professor with formation in Geography, as to search an experience lived to transmit its pupils? The professor with formation searchs in its knowledge so that they are capable to dominate the contents. It knows that it will not be easy to conclude this work, therefore so that this happens is necessary the basic persistence in this research, the concern with education and the learning, in end with the form that this being lead the education in this school, however with much tenacity and effort will search through comments in the course of the school year of this school where work during some years and I have observed this great difficulty appeared throughout these years, that has been harmful at the moments where the pupils appeal to the search of interests in competitions and vestibular contests, is enough that if it makes an interview to the pupils so that if it has a reply on the subject, not only in Geography, but also in some others you discipline in which the same situation happens.

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