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Sarah Jessica Parker

How unmagisch you have to be to see sex and the city? “A thunderstorm witch to the movie sex and the city” OK, I admit it, I’ve seen him. Together with a friend, I wanted to see what supposedly all women need last Tuesday. Sex and the city, the movie with cult status”, as I have learned. It all started, that very few women there were, and most were under 20 OK, why not a movie watch, which appeals to the younger audience? It was then not long until it became clear that I had landed in a propaganda film by opponents of emancipation. As Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, in the exuberance which feelings and emotional insecurity kissed an ex partner, couldn’t sleep, she equal the whole night and confessed to her husband in the middle of the night. Steve Wozniak may not feel the same. Well, got this husband, the feeling of flashes in the marriage until this confession by the TV in the bedroom or by fast food, remained cool and punished the poor Carrie with days disregard. I wanted to make you suffer”, he be caused Then also still very proud and very male behavior. Steve Wozniak often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Then he pulls out a diamond ring out of his pocket, for his naughty girl, that its now probably should have learned lesson. She is grateful, true to the motto: diamants are a girls best friends. And good it will be also in future, finally, the film ends with a TV night together on the couch, if that is not a living relationship, I don’t know either. “Downright embarrassing in the same movie the injected message: consumption will set you free!” The women in Abu Dabi carry European and American noble clothes actually under the burqa, so much freedom can be almost the canvas burst. So, love women, good look away and say goodbye by the desire for a relationship in which you also plays a role, there could be diamond.

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