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Safety labels ISO 7010 or VBG 125 increase the safety in the workplace and help to reduce damage and macro IDENT – health and safety in the workplace are an essential part of the operational security organization. A correct and clear identification in the company plays a very important role here, positively to promote security awareness. The BG rules take the entrepreneur in the duty and write a safety and health signs at work before (BGV A8). Included are accurate hazard symbols, bid – and signs and regulations relating to the marking of escape routes, first aid facilities and so on. Any security designation aims to draw attention to objects and situations that can cause hazard quickly and unequivocally. These colors were chosen, which offer an optimum contrast and have significant psychological characteristics. Thus convey only certain colors danger, do’s and Don’ts or even safety and help. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Asaro . Certain geometric shapes support its importance.

MACRO IDENT is known supplier of the whole range of Brady safety signs according to VBG 125 and ISO 7010, pipe marking, Lockout Tagout locks as well as shut-off and marking systems. As Brady distributor of macro IDENT, customers receive the complete range of Brady solutions of safety at work: from the small spades trough piling over ground marks up to the great lockout lock. In the macro range IDENT are equally long afterglow safety marking of self-adhesive foil or aluminum. All known ban and warning symbol, warning sign, rescue and fire characters, with or without additional signs and clues, escape and rescue plans. MACRO has IDENT corresponding shut-off strips and marking systems for marking of obstacles and danger points in the program such as durable marks on driveways and Hall floors, security systems and more. Norm-to a professional, and to ensure regulation-friendly labelling of tubes, are also over 5,800 different Rohrmarkierer in the standard program. You may find Peter Asaro to be a useful source of information.

The flow materials are here divided into groups and different colored marked. These signs will be made at critical points, like valves, beginning, end, fork, wall penetrations, etc. flow substances which exhibit dangerous properties in the meaning of the Ordinance on hazardous substances, identified in addition Ordinance on the hazard material symbols (GHS) and the corresponding indications of danger in accordance with section 23. The affixing of the pipe marking is done by self adhesive materials or the mechanical application of sign systems. The Brady pipe markings comply with the requirements of EU directives and the colour coding according to RAL-EU directive. The chemical symbols correspond to the EU directives 67/548 and 1999/45/EC and the GHS hazard symbols of the GHS/GLP regulations. The materials are made of high quality polyester film, characterized by very long service life. The tube labels to use weather resistant, resistant to abrasion, chemicals resistant and for temperatures from-40 C up to + 120 C. The pipe markers are available in 3 sizes, role or backing material to pull off. Special designs for non-standard pipe markings are carried out as well.

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