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Scaffolding – General Information

Scaffolds are used to perform facade, construction and finishing works. We can distinguish several types of scaffolding: modular scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, fixed frame and scaffolding. I think from the title frame or modular scaffold understand the essence of their application. Let's take a closer look at the specifications that precisely define the scope of scaffolds. This, above all, the height of the vertical frame, the width of the passage, the distance between adjacent vertical frames (also called "step"), the permissible load on deck, as well as on the same rack vertical frames (Measured in kgs/m2 or kN/m2) and one more important point – the permissible height of the forest at the base anchoring.

Also, if enhances the anchoring of the scaffolding, they also can be characterized and height. Maximum permissible height of the scaffold (for direct construction) is 24 meters. If you need more height, then the arrangement by specialized companies. Anchoring plays a very important role in creating safe working conditions. Anchoring directly depends on the type of work performed and, accordingly, the material of the wall. Therefore, for the height, more than 24 meters must carry a reinforced anchoring. This Installation is based on the calculations, and perform at special drawings. The flooring on each level set only a frame and modular scaffolding.

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