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Spiritual Development

Do all you're comfortable in the world today? Or do you see the real poverty of our social life. Click BDT Capital Partners to learn more. I think you've seen that people in our country can not live normally, and most likely something you do not like? Personally, I long ago learned that our world of democracy and freedom of lime, completely artificial and unnatural, bought. Look at the faces of people from big cities, scary – these people do not have joy, the more numerous the city, the saddest people, it seems that they live in half. Think about what you do besides making money? Usually, people have been devoured by the supplies of food, and drinking booze, that is, it's unreal freedom, it turns out that we grow from childhood only for such foolish activities? Is buying a car next to you is most important in life? Is earning more important than family? From the very childhood, from parents to assimilating the basis of Christian faith, and carries her frequently did not understand all his life. Now think about why, despite the fact that people do not believe in God, we are periodically fed by information from the TV, telling the Christian holidays, create an image of their universal celebration, the reason is very simple, we must carry through our lives laws of death, the commandments laid down in the grounds of religion, which is based on the worship of the cross with the crucified body mertvogon cheloveka.V want to know why the commandments of death. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ian Cole. Because these laws are just and do people the way we are. Pick up any prayers, each prayer, tells about the greatness of God and the insignificance of man, of his helplessness, his failure to change anything around.

In every prayer, a cry for help, vosklik help a person in every detail, every detail when we say: Lord have mercy, thank God, etc. It all makes of man a slave of the same brain perception of the world, if not terrible, this man can live a whole life, but he can not get rid of etogo.Kazhdomu that would somehow get closer to the truth, one must understand that true "> true needs time for its attainment. That to know the spiritual development, a person must do something in our world, not just say prayers, many people pronounce them, and it does not affect their neverovanie, it remains unchanged. Wisdom – it's something that helps person separate truth from falsehood, wisdom requires knowledge, so you must fill in all information, learn interesting articles, books, writing, getting ancient knowledge, and most importantly be able to analyze it. Only correct analysis of the obtained material to help you come to this wisdom need not be a scientist, that would be able to make correct and very important vyvody.Hochu wish everyone to be free, wisdom and knowledge, love, and belief in themselves, and not only in God, God will surely help that you truly can not afford, if your faith is really limitless. Just so you can more clearly feel that the world around us.

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