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Focus on being happy. The desire for happiness is the best of all plans. For this the most effective strategy is intentionally directing your thoughts toward the things that make you happy. And as a spiral to be happy, you still encounter other thoughts which attract more happiness into your life and everything wonderful that you want and please you. So the strategy is essential that you focus on achieving your best emotion. How? You have to be selfish enough to insist on feeling good. If you focus on something that causes suffering, your magnetism will be negative and unpleasant it will be what you receive. How can you change your emotional state? If you are in a negative emotional state and if they decided to feel better, you can change the subject and find other thoughts or topics you produce more pleasant emotional states.

This change in the emotional sense is usually a gradual process. You can start at this time, perhaps remembering pleasant, could be a baby you love or a song that moves you. Some of these events could serve as an anchor every time you want to improve your emotional state. If something produces a pleasant sensation, pay all your attention, otherwise, do not even pay attention to it. When you feel happy, you attract circumstances of happiness. Your emotional state is magnetic. The success is to enjoy a happy life and a happy life consists of a series of happy moments. (But most people are not allowed to produce happy moments because they are obsessed with achieving a happy life).

What to do? Which strategy do you follow? I’ve given you the essential strategy has from there you can start to enrich your life with happy moments. Knowing that your thoughts or topics that you think can be changed, then you understand that your emotional state can be changed. You can choose to think about, and if you choose your thoughts then choose your state of mind in which you want to be. That is the best use of the power of the mind. Ask What I want to feel? And say how you want to feel: happy, happy, or love, etc.. Relax, spend.

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