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T.I. Applied Logistic

1- World-wide panorama? Globalization of the Economy international markets and competitiveness? Society of the knowledge based in the information and generated knowledge? Consequence in the enterprise structure organization and management 2- What it is T.I. Technology of the Information, evolution of the boarding of data processing through the use of computational resources 3- Paper of the T.I in the Companies? To support the operations to reach the maximum of efficiency with the lesser cost? To provide to management integrated of all the resources 4- Importance of YOU in Logistic Old the flow of information was based on paper, today these information is managed electronically by the tools of YOU. Consequncias: – Reduction of the logistic costs? – Perfectioning of the services? – Improvement in offers of information the customer 5- Systems of Logistic information? Logistic activities in an integrated process – combining the hardware and software to measure and to manage operations logistic SRM – Supplier Relationship Management CRM – Customer Relationship Management ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning E-Procurement E-Commerce WMS – Warehouse Management System TMS – Transportation Management System MONTH – Manufacturing Execution System SCM – Supply Chain Management Systems 6- Examples of Application of T.I in logistic operations Dell Computer: it invested in sales for the Internet; – Invoicing grew 60% in one year. Other leaders such as Viacom offer similar insights. Profit USD 1bilho Rev. Business Week Souza Cross: 900 vehicles; 200 a thousand customers; – Roteirizador: efficiency of 99%, 43 deliveries per day. Sources:.

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