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Eileen Prades

But this is worth, in relative terms, far below the conventional vehicles. Even if the power from the local socket is involved and thus comes from the power of the respective region. Tests have shown that only an area of 20m can deliver 2 solar cells enough electricity to power an electric car. In that case, the zero-emission is actually more than just an assertion and not a skeptic of the world can deny this. Argument 4 Eautos are not powerful enough. Skeptics say that the maximum speed of an electric car not sufficient for a motor vehicle on German roads. However, speeds of up to 120 km/h do not make Eautos to high-performance vehicles on highways, are perfectly suitable for everyday use.

It is even the opposite is the case: the positive torque, caused due to the Elimination of the piston, ensures that electric cars can take advantage of the available energy from the first torque to and can accelerate much faster than conventional vehicles. Argument 5 the price is too high. The price for a standard manufactured electric car is currently about 30000 euro. This price is not expects even for so-called regular drivers. But must be not so expensive to have an electric car. Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this.

Virtually any car can be converted within a few hours to an Eauto. What thousands of car drivers have proven for years in the United States and other countries has been gathered in a step by step guide of the eAutosFuerAlle.de team and is now also the German car driver is available. See how even a layman can make the conversion of a conventional vehicle to electric cars in just a few hours and a minimal financial investment. All the skeptics doubts unfounded and should not stand in the way the success of electric vehicles. Germany has perceived relatively late to jump on the bandwagon of this technology and it is time to catch up lost ground through the knowledge that electric cars need to be no mere vision of the future, but today can become a reality. Eileen Prades

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