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Motorola Contributes To The Education In Colombia And Latin America

With the support of Motorola, and management of the NGO Give to Colombia, FGPU implemented between primary and secondary teachers, the SCRATCH project, a useful tool to help students develop their Continue Reading

Improved Market

Likewise, reduce operating costs by automating processes and to take less care than other media. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. 4 .- Expansion of the market: The globalization of technology has Continue Reading


(2) Out of cash-the forecast of expenditures by category helps to prioritize expenditures, and display those that have to be made in cash, as those purchases were made on credit and who have to Continue Reading

VAT Provision

With such circumstances, in the year 2000, the Commission set, among the priorities of its new strategy in the field of VAT, full and detailed review of the rules governing the place of the provision Continue Reading

RSS Feed For Fresh Content And Better Ranking

RSS Feed For Fresh Content And Better Ranking

A great stir was made some time ago when webmasters discovered RSS (Really Simple Syndication) as a method of disseminating information, journals, articles and website updates. For a time was even Continue Reading

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