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The Orange

Advantages of functional reading facilitates functional reading learning, since it is aimed at practical use in daily life. It is multisensory (visual, auditory and kinesthetic), and therefore a facilitator of learning. It is complementary to the syllabic reading, so it can be combined with this. Improving self-esteem, since the person feels that it can read almost from the first moment. It is very motivating because it is centered in the areas of interest to the future reader. It facilitates the generalization of learned.

To be an individualized program respects the individual development, the level of vocabulary that is possessed and domain level lectoescritor owned. Some useful strategies for the taught. Place the parts of the classroom, furniture, kitchenware, toys, etc., their names on cards. Place on the mixer to each student a card with your name and surname, print and unadorned. Submit to the person cards with prayers types, by way of orders, to recognize them and comply with them, such as: Ponte de foot, bring your notebook, clears the slate.

Use materials that have his name and are in sight for exercising of verifying and expanding of words. Recognition of new words in familiar contexts. For example, if we introduce the card my name is and next to this phrase does not appear the name of the person, be of counts and recognizes that it is not his name which is written. Place the calendar, which has only the days and dates, words appropriate to the time, such as: hot, cold, rainy, etc., so use it according to reality. Submit posters with short stories, small poems, songs, thoughts, etc., in glyphs with scenes in sequence, for reading exercises. Submit posters with various prayers that repeat a Word, example: I like the Orange. Bring me an orange. The Orange is yellow, etc., to identify it. Review with exercises and games that the teacher, family member or therapist invents, the correct reading and pronunciation of known words, etc. It is evident that develop and implement a functional reading program requires one effort much larger than when taught to read by a person of the as usual, this is absolutely essential that all professionals and family members who participate in the program work in a coordinated manner and are committed, have patience and don’t expect results from the beginning.

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