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Bretton Woods

(Honduras). Bretton Woods in order to understand change that gave the globalization effect is necessary to understand that system prevailed before this and that why this type of economy. The Bretton Woods arose in 1944 by providing an emergence of an economic system, monetary and financial was established in order to prevail an economic and financial stability. Institutions that arise through the Bretton Woods We find the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Evolution World A split of the Bretton Woods A start from the meeting of 44 countries 60 years ago from there have been global changes such as: appears the Eurodollar that practically becomes a currency more stronger than the dollar, the latter every day losing value since implements an appropriate strategy to use as currency in a continent the Eurodollar strengthening international trade in countries that belong to this segment of the world.

One of the wonders of today is the Internet because it allows globalizing any information that was not previously available with great ease, Internet companies are today implementing a selling mechanism called e-commerce which is a portal and a strategy to increase global sales, each day the Internet users rise is due to this that will expedite transactions worldwide that you can pay any expense just give a click; This is given in the country for example Banco Atlantida Banco Ficohsa, BAC Credomatic, provide the option of which if you have a savings account is granted the debit to the account for payment of public services, payment of college tuition, payment of registration of vehicles and many more services; This also due to financial globalization. Emerging economies; which are not stable, i.e. require new financial policies that they can give fast responses to external factors such as the increase of petroleum, changes in goods for export as the banana, coffee; You must coexist a proper relationship between economic growth and stability at the macro level since if this reciprocity is not given is failing to achieve any goal to comply both with national goals as foreign of globalization.

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