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Combination: Classic investment with stability of real estate Deutsche Asset Emissionshaus AG, the latest company in the vicinity of the Frankfurt Group S & K, combines the flexibility of a classical financial investment with the stability of real estate and is still above-average yields. Allowing the Deutsche Asset Emissionshaus AG (DSW group) a majority of German citizens a viable alternative for creating and saving. Where with the cumbersome savings? Currently many citizens ask themselves this question. And many see no alternative to investments such as savings account & co., which currently don’t even offer yields that compensate for the inflation rate. So the German Government pays just one percent interest rates currently for German bunds on five years. To compensate of the loss of value of the capital not even takes place. Not much different, it looks insurance products, for example, when capital-forming. At least then, if you take no great risk – such as a unit-linked life insurance – would like to.

1.4 trillion euro into life insurance policies currently according to official statistics. The legislature has reduced the maximum-assumed interest rate to 1.75 percent for new contracts. Because this refers to only the savings portion, is often also only around one percent. It opens up so the same problem as in U.S. Treasury bonds.

While the German savers could do it like the stock exchange legend Warren Buffet. The billionaire recently announced in an interview that he, rather than shares may only real estate. Thus he meets also the heart of the German citizen, because where is the real estate unchallenged even in the first place. This is one of the reasons why is Deutsche Asset Emissionshaus AG (DSW group) focused not only on innovative investment opportunities, which are also extremely flexible, but always on the grundpfandrechtliche protection in re investment. There in this form only in real estate.

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