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Work Ethic

Work well and mind, and intuition. Favorable as the secret trip, joining secret societies, clandestine activities of research, study astrology, esotericism, mysticism, magic. Excellent time to visit an astrologer. Perfect time for those involved in creativity, art. In the first half of the month all signs should be actively and vigorously to communicate with friends, groups or organizations, especially if you have any cases related to innovation and reform, the implementation of the new far-sighted plans and projects. Can get some unexpected help of friends in adventurous entrepreneurship.

In this month's lucky those involved in computers. In the second half of the month is best to devote their energies to actively work on myself, delve into the psychological and karmic problems. Strong intuition removes all obstacles, helps to defeat the enemies and the secret of his own fears and complexes. You can get secret help from a secret source. March for many may be favorable, but this month nevertheless carries certain risks that I want to warn you.

From the very beginning of the month Mars in Aquarius comes in connection with several planets, and this means that all together they make a certain chaos and uncertainty in your plans. This is especially true travel – far and near. March – a very poor month for any movement and flying on an airplane. People with an aggressive mentality Mars may cause a desire for aggression, disputes and quarrels, conflict, strife, sharpness, sincerity, sarcasm. There is sarcasm, aggressiveness in the debate, increased irritability, which makes the dispute in a quarrel.

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