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Casual Clothing

The original casual clothing, Military clothing, military uniforms and accessories from major manufacturers from the U.S. and Europe is represented in our online store basement. Our store specializes in selling PODWAL.RU custom clothing the so-called antiglamurnogo direction that has gained popularity among the alternative media culture of young people, athletes, tourists and just active people. Military clothing is characterized by using items of military equipment and clothing in the form for everyday wear: military boots, camouflage clothing, as well as various military accessories. The main brands that produce the full range of clothing for men, women, children and even the animals are well known company in the world: ALPHA INDUSTRIES, ROTHCO, TRU-SPEC, MIL-TEC, AVIREX, SCHOTT, and others. Military Clothing by chance is very popular among fishermen, hunters, hikers and just active people interested in paintball, Airsoft. After the trial of army clothing, military uniforms, such as Alaska, jacket M-65 jackets, coats and trousers BDU (Battle Dress Uniform – Combat Uniform) has long established itself as an incredibly sensible clothing on any standard case. Military – one of the important trends in contemporary fashion, manifested at all levels apparel market.

You should not condescending attitude to the art of camouflage, it has not gone down in history, but on the contrary, more and more breaks in popularity ratings. Another of the areas of the store basement – it's CASUAL STYLE! Casual clothing – style, the most beloved football fans and other sports fans. We have provided casual clothing companies such as LACOSTE, STONE ISLAND, LONSDALE, MERC, FRED PERRY, PRINGLE, LAMBRETTA, BURBERRY, of course, THOR STEINAR and others. You can always buy from an online store BASEMENT new casual clothing, Military clothing and military uniforms: Alaska, jackets, Parks, M-65 jackets, flight jackets and bomber pilots Aviator Jacket, wool pea sea Navy Pea Coat, pants and shirts. Traveler's accessories, handbags and wallets, socks, gloves, glasses, flasks, icons and badges, flags and much more is also represented in our store.

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