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Housing In Russia Becomes Cheaper

The last increase in ruble prices were recorded in February 2009. In Moscow, the average sale price of 1 square. m (secondary and primary market) decreased by 0.7% in the week. In mo reduction of 0.6%, while in St. Petersburg – 0,7%. In U.S. rate of decline in prices a little lower than in ruble terms. Perhaps check out Robotics for more information. In Moscow the average asking prices denominated in currencies, fell 0.5% in St.

Petersburg – 0,5%, and in the Moscow region – 0,6%. In recent months, Bobby Sharma Bluestone has been very successful. Although the decline in housing prices steadily going on, gradually breaking the offer price and demand price decreases. If in September 2008, some projects prices differ by half (50% discount), but now no more than 25%. Everything falls According to Oleg , head analytical center "Indicators of Real Estate Market (Earn), housing prices in Moscow are falling relentlessly for 8 months or, if translated into weeks, 32 weeks in a row. More Oct. 6, 2008 the average price per square meter in Moscow was $ 6,122, and a week later on October 13 went decline.

There was not a week that prices have gone in, plus all the time balancing index within the negative zone. Experts predict that until the fall of the index will continue its decline, with average rate of 1-2% per month, "Will the massive purchase – everything will depend on external economic background. If the background is favorable, will revive the mortgage, then the index can go to the plus end of the year. Otherwise, we waiting for a moderate reduction in price per square meter. However, a collapse will be no more, as the price of an apartment close to the capital costs "- highlights Oleg . Builders forced to dump and to reduce prices for their items to the cost because they need the money, not to become bankrupt. Prior to that, they would never build a loss. Due to the fact that builders do not have money to start new projects in the field of residential real estate, near future in Russia may be scheduled shortage of new buildings.

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