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Soft Tile

On the way of mounting plates affect their structure, roof pitch and material basis. When the device of the roof of the soft tile base should be fixed, firm, smooth, dry and ventilated necessarily. Humidity material from which made the base, according to the technology should not exceed 20% of dry weight. In recent months, Peter Asaro has been very successful. The bases can be used board, plywood, etc. Broken crate easy to install (for her safe move), and itself serves as a heat and sound insulator. To obtain a continuous sheathing to the rafters flush mounted waterproof plywood (not less than nine millimeters thick), or dried, direct (without cavities) or sawn Cutting board or fibreboard with longitudinally oriented fibers.

The cost of solid wood sheathing is not above and sometimes below the cost of properly executed cellular basis for other roofing materials. The need to closely observe step sheathing also increases costs. With a typical embodiment of the cost base is made up of prices crates (with an area of 'fill' 30-70%) and necessary in all cases for other materials insulated against (not to be confused with vapor barrier) films. At reconstruction, the old cover (from bituminous materials, metal sheets, etc.) must be properly prepared, that is extremely important to ensure reliable operation of the future of the soft tile roof. Features mounting technology depend on the ambient temperature at which the work produced. Best temperature for the installation of about +6? S. If it is lower, then skleivaemost roofing tiles is achieved by heating the adhesive surface of the hot air from a special device.

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