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One of more the frequently found errors in the organizations who are identified strategic clients is the existing divorce between the commercial functions and the pos functions sale in terms of attention to the client. Normally the area of sales defines as they are his strategic clients and structures an organization conformed by several KAMs who takes care of one or more accounts. For the area of Sales, the strategic accounts are identified (often errors when defining comment as they are the strategic accounts) and are taken care of, from the commercial point of view, like such. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robert Bakish. But for the rest of the organization, their operations are not structured to take care of the clients of this form. You order often them, orders, services or activities that are realised with these clients are taken care of similarly that those of any other client of the organization. I even can mention several examples that illustrate as the organizations of sales use the KAM concept, solely with the aim of giving to understand the client him importance of the same for the company, but really this arrives the strategy from KAM, that is to say is only a subject of sales there. A correct practice of Administration or Management of Key Accounts (Key Account Management) is based on the fact to take care of of integral form the client so that it really feels that he is special and key for his supplier in all the activities that they develop jointly, for sale transactions and not only buys.

Days ago I read an article related to the subject, written by Neil Davey, publisher of the MyCustomer.com site (www.mycustomer.com). In this article some recommendations are made consider when a strategy of attention to key accounts settles down. Within the main aspects to emphasize within these recommendations we have: Definition of a clear Initiative of Management of Key Accounts.

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