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Later reassembling drainage can be performed on the old mount. It is also important to choose the time of installation. More logical thing to do is in the process of roofing work, using the existing scaffolding. In recent months, technology investor has been very successful. If, however, expected to finish plastering walls or paneling siding, it is better to install the gutter system at this time. If you do this before the pipes are placed on building corners, making it difficult finishing work. Material selection special issue "anti-water" is a problem of choice of material and form drainage. Round gutters less rectangular due to the simpler production technology and lower material consumption. However, sometimes, from a design standpoint, it is preferable to the rectangular design.

Applying the gutters sectional figure, we must remember that in this case capacity may be lower than round analogues also increased the likelihood of clogging. In addition to the form and must choose the material from which made the drain: pvc, copper, aluminum, zinc, metal-polymer coating. Plastic structures retain their operating characteristics over a long lifetime, but may have a low mechanical resistance, in particular, the snow mass. More reliable and at the same time are attractive copper gutters. Due to the fact that the main connection of such devices , gutters and pipes of copper can bend around the various elements of design. Lack of copper one – a high price. If you want, and poforsit and save, you can use pvc gutters, painted in copper color. This possibility, for example, the German company Braas.

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