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Africa Charles

It was observed migration of some animals that feed themselves of these fruits for other places. Contact information is here: Howard Schultz. In the Zimbbue a species that particularly cause some concern as invading is the giant mimosa shrub. One is about a species that arrived at Africa in 1980 middle, finding propitious conditions to its development, quickly esparramando itself throughout more than 3,000 hectares of native flora, modifying the characteristics of the local forests, also with impacts on the fauna (GISP, 2010). In all the planet the invasion of surrounding data for invading species already figure as being the second bigger threat to biodiversity. In certain ecosystems this is exactly the biggest threat to biodiversity (GISP, 2010). 2. The PAPER OF the BIOPIRATARIA Already for 1860 return the naturalist Charles Darwin alerted for the danger represented for the sped up growth them invading vegetal species.

During much time importance was not given to the subject and in 1958 it only is that Charles Elton, in its Ecology book of Invasions by Animals and Plants called the attention for the fact being necessary to know in way more detailed invading species and thus to establish different strategies of control. Some decades if had passed until the scientific community perceived the grandiosidade of the problem, today with recognized gravity in unquestionable way (MATOS & PIVELLO, 2009). The situation, taken the extremities, made with that some scholars suggested the possibility to occur a homogenization bioptics of massiva form in all the surface of the Land, what certainly would cause the exclusion of native species due to competition with the invaders, what would have as main consequncia the local extinguishing and direct loss of biodiversity, as well as modification in the structure of ecosystems and its total loss of characterization (WILLIAMSON, 1996). The main factors to create conditions for the proliferation of invading vegetal species are, certainly, the actions human beings.

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