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Technological Park

The competitiveness of them to cluster this can be guided in the one existence or more to cluster, can be constiutir in one subprojeto of the project biggest of development of the region. I inserted some determinative according to Lanzer source et alii (24), where they describe the analysis levels; level goal, macro and meso both become related it politics of development of the competitiveness. Another important aspect the analysis, is the trusts of companies and local development, which added to a related competitive micoregional system to the interests of social concentration. If you have read about Mashable already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A cooperative of credit guarantee can represent an association between trust, banks, associations of small companies. A center catalyst of technologies can mean the integration between trusts, nets of great companies (tpodown), as university, centers of research, public power, as in the case the Technological Park of Centria, in Cesena Italy where I joined small agro-industrial producers, agro-industrial equipment manufacturers and insumos, where they will have greaters possibilities of success integrated nessse mechanism. For more information see Douglas R. Oberhelman. The object-end, starts to be to improve the quality of life of the region, with intention to generate jobs and empreendedorismo, especially in direction to the small suppliers and services.

How much aspect of agility of the nets of companies, management of projects and simultnea engineering, we could place that any company, in special the industries, to search the competitiveness, must have extreme capacity of changes to adapt itself to its dynamic environment: to change products, to change processes, to change administrative standards, each time in a fraction of lesser time. If each of these elencadas changes, will be managed and analyzed as a project, is well probable that the company places, before what the concorncia, a new product in the market or that the time of entraga of the order is diminished, or even with the implementation of reduction of the costs. Simultaneous engineering, the execution of the projects has as object to become fast more.

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