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At the time of the dinossauros they extiam thousand of species had today been extinct, but in one she has broken of the African forest in a lagoon a creature it are of normal, that if she fed of the any alive being, for the Africans this I show was a curse of its ancestor who had tried to enslave them but they had not obtained. The predator during the night leaves the lagoon and is in the entocado weeds next the road to attack drivers, fera is an animal of 13 meters of width, its bocada almost arrives engoli half of an car, its force is extraordinary this without counting its carcass is thicker than of a normal crocodile, he is one mutant crocodile. Some years behind scientist in search to study the forest and its creatures and had found a fossil one of dinossauro one of the researchers injected a syringe in the fossil one and caught a part of its DNA, in the return for house one of the trick scientist had decided to inject in the youngling of a crocodile, but the mother arrived devorou all, and the youngling if she became this monstruosidade that we are speaking, but after this event of the deaths instead of ordering studious, they had sent trained super hunters to win the perigos of the forest, when arriving the professionals searched information on place the Africans said that one liveed shows in the lake that killed everybody that arrived close to the lake, swam or fishes? if, the hunters had started its strategies had entered with a boat in the lagoon. When starting the search of the creature, water balanced fera very jumped for top of the boat and jumped in one of our heroes and it engoliu its partner shot without stopping, but nor if it wants wounded the animal, it runs away for the deep one from the lagoon, the desperation increases the predator comes back and destroys the boat all and alone it remains a person will be that it is the end for it? But when crocodile tries to devorar it appears one another friend in a Jet ski and the salute quickly with a harpoon of steel and next to a device of high explosion obtains to kill fera, after if to become the heroes of the African ones go even so, but it will be that the danger finished? In the deepenings of the lake some eggs were there, months later a young called African dend fish in the lake of in such a way to force the hook inside falls of the lake and not return more.

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