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The playful one promotes the pertaining to school income beyond the knowledge, orality, thought and the direction. However, to understand the relevance of playing makes possible the professors to intervine in appropriate way, not intervening and depriving of characteristics the pleasure that the playful one provides. Therefore, used playing as pedagogical resource does not have to be dissociado of the playful activity composes that it, under the risk to deprive of characteristics itself, after all, the pertaining to school life conducted by norms and determined times, by itself already favors this exactly process, making of playing in the school one to play different of the other occasions. The incorporation of tricks, games and toys in practical the pedagogical one can develop different activities that contribute for innumerable learnings and for the magnifying of the net of constructive meanings in such a way for children as for the young. For Vygotsky (1998), the educator will be able to make the use of games, tricks, histories and others, so that of playful form the child is defied to think and to decide problematic situations, so that she imitates and recrie rules used for the adult.

The playful one can be used as an education strategy and learning, thus the act to play in the school under the perspective of Saints (2002) is related the professor who must assume itself of theoretical subsidies that obtain to convince it and to sensetize it on the importance of this activity for learning and the development of the child. With this, it is possible to understand that playing it assists the child in the learning process. It goes to provide imaginary situations where he will occur in the cognitivo development, facilitating the interaction with people which will contribute for a knowledge addition. With these ideas we associate ours certainties on pedagogical playing as practical, being a resource that can not only contribute for the infantile development, as well as for the cultural one.

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