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National Curricular Plans

Such comments had been carried through in the education modality of the Education for Young Adult? EJA? that it is a specialty of Average Ensino supported in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education. The methodology of education directed toward the EJA needs specific requirements to be taken care of and is turned toward the attendance to the pupil-worker who cannot in skillful time conclude its day of studies regularly. The objective of the education modality is to develop compromised the basic and average teachings of quality with the formation of citizens who if outside find of the regular period of pertaining to school activities in agreement the minimum standards established by the National Curricular Plans (PCN s). From the metodolgicos data and the objective tracings, it is presented analysis of the choice of the description-cultural boarding proposal for Lev S. Vigotsky, pointing out some analogous aspects between the theory of the development of the superior psychological functions and the context presented for the practical one of comment of the institution-field, focado in the experiences of the pupils.

By means of such boarding, some strategies are presented that point with respect to a theory of learning-teach developed for Vigotsky, Leontiev and Davydov. The different clippings are presented in a direction that searchs a new perspective of learning in a developed social environment already. The emphasis of this perspective if locks up in the conception of the work of the professor as mediating of technician-scientific knowing and the description-cultural experience that cannot be ignored in the constitution of a knowledge come back toward the citizenship and social life, objectives these of the modality of education of the EJA. METHODOLOGY For the elaboration of the present work had been carried through some essential stages for its proper composition. The first step if gave in the field of knowing theoretician, with the boarding of the considered subject, the bibliographical survey of the authors, reading of the texts and set of documents appreciation and films come back toward the subject.

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