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Independent University Leon

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – The Mexican company Coffer, the second embotelladora of Cocaine greater Tail of Mexico and Latin America announced the entrance to Argentina when announcing the purchase of the embotelladora one in the northeast of the Andean country. With it soothes in Monterrey, the Group Coffer was constituted at the end of year 2001 when diverse embotelladores decided to be united in this group that presides over Manuel Barragn Morals. With the acquisition of the new company, the production would increase 17 percent in the totality of the Group. The chief of a main directorate of the company, Francisco Egloff Heron heads the operations in the Andean country and they must save requirements of regulation in that one country. It said that ” This agreement represents an important strategic step in our continuous search of opportunities of growth and creation of value, not only in Mexico but in Latin America.

We are thankful for to the Coca-Cola company its support and confidence to conclude this agreement and reiterated our commitment to continue working jointly to fortify leadership of its products and marks in regin”. A HISTORY OF SUCCESS The axis of the group Coffer continues Being drunk Coffer, before Drunk World-wide that founded Don Manuel L. Barragn Escamilla, prominent regiomontano industrialist who passed away the 9 of May of 1980. Barragn began of down. It was orphaned to early age and position became of its family. During his productive life it was loved, wanted and respected in the regiomontana society. It helped to construct the University City that again lodges the Independent University Leon that counts with more than 110 thousand students and who are respected at Latin American level.

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