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For Zamunr (1993), the use of the Cat scan Computerized in Implantodontia tends to be more frequent with the advent of softwares specific for jaw and jaw. Some of these programs had been developed specifically for the planning of dental implantations, as Dental CT (Elscint) and the DentScan (General Electric – U.S.A.). According to Yanagisawa et al. (1993), the DentScan, even so either originally assigned for the evaluation daily pay-operatria of osseointegrados dental implantations, has been very useful in the evaluation of patologias of the jaw and the jaw. In the Odontologia and the verbal surgery, the DentScan has been used in the identification daily pay-operatria of patients who present insufficient bone for implantation, as well as for identification of the places of implantation in patients who do not seem to be you implanted due the established ssea insufficience in radiogrficos standards.

In 1993, Arita & Varoli had described that the beginning of the Computerized Cat scan widely it is spread out in clinical application and odontolgica radiology comes intensifying the development of the attainment of the guided radiogrfica image. The disgnostic possibilities presented by the Computerized Cat scan are if becoming each time more promising in the field of diagnosis for images. Zamunr (1994) described that the computerized tomgrafo consists of the following units: gantry, table, computer, generator of rays X, console of command, monitors and chamber of definitive register. Gantry is the part of the device where they are the blister and the detectors of rays X; table is the unit where if it locates the patient; the computer stores the data collected for the detectors; with the monitor and the console of command the management of all is made the functions of the equipment. A time carried through the studies in the monitor the image in an emulsion film can be gotten in the chamber of definitive register.

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