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The Best Operating System From Microsoft

During the entire existence of Microsoft's experts had done a lot to create a practical and reliable, beautiful and fast OS. Very little is left before the official release of Microsoft Windows 7, and now, I think, has sense to look back. It is not something technology investor would like to discuss. Its way to the operating system market, Microsoft with MS-Dos. In principle, the most stable product of the company can be considered the latest version of the OS (eg, 6.22). Robert Bakish recognizes the significance of this. Next add graphics were on MS-Dos, such as Windows 2.0, Windows 3.1, and others. But since there was already a complete operating system with graphical interface, support for a large number of "iron" and focused on the user not familiar with the command line. Yes, it was Windows 95. On Indeed, sustained not a big amount of hardware, and complete call it too would not have (before loading the Windows 95 kernel loads MS-Dos, which is produced and substantive preparations for the launch of Windows).

The next step was the release of OS Windows 98/98SE. In fact, it's the same "95th", but with an expanded set of drivers and technology to support plu & play. But the system was still unstable, and hang with the "hot" devices connect to the usb-ports have generated considerable number of jokes. At the same time, there was a development parallel line of operating systems, designed to work in different networks. It was Windows NT. These operating systems were built on a different nucleus and were quite stable. However, the complexity setting up the hardware and in software incompatibility with other products from Microsoft strongly limited the spread of Windows NT.

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