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Microsoft Outlook

You synchronize Outlook on multiple computers Outlook companies today is from the most impossible to imagine. Emails, contacts, appointments and notes converge here. However, many employees use more than a calculator. You insert your mobile notebook for customer calls and do other work on the desktop computer at the Office or at home. Whether the customers in the Office or at home all Outlook data should be there always up-to-date and available at all times. So what to do? On the market, offered a series of different synchronization programs that match Microsoft Outlook on different PCs and keep therefore always up to date.

One of these programs is SimpleSYN, which in the major comparison test of the computer magazine c’t issue 17/09 has been extensively tested and a result of tips received by the editorial staff. Further details can be found at Peter Asaro , an internet resource. The synchronization software must be installed on all computers that are to be synchronized. The Setup in a few simple steps is done through a configuration wizard. Then follows the first Outlook synchronization, the ever According to size of the Outlook data file can take some time. After first Outlook synchronizing SimpleSYN looks like only the pure changes to the Outlook dataset and that completely automatically in the background. Once the computers have established a connection, the synchronization takes place continuously and in real time.

There are no restrictions on the type or size of items to be synchronized, no matter whether to synchronize E-mail, calendar, contacts, notes, or tasks. In addition, SimpleSYN status changes, markings, and Exchange mailboxes synchronized. The tool can customize the user also to his needs. Thus direction and type of synchronization (new, changed and deleted items) for each individual Outlook folder can be set to match such as changes to the Outlook dataset in one direction only, or to synchronize only new emails. Especially for the data exchange in enterprise, SimpleSYN contains an assignment of rights to Outlook folders for specific users only to release. So, the work colleague receives the new appointments only about and tasks, but not the email that are not important for his work. Windows domain user or internal user management SimpleSYN can be used to set the permission. The software is offered in two different versions. The standard version matches the Outlook data in your local network via a LAN, Wi-Fi or a VPN connection. The business version adds the ability to synchronize Outlook worldwide over the Internet and to exclude certain Outlook items from synchronization through a filter function. SimpleSYN can be used in mixed Windows environments (32-bit/64-bit), and under different versions of Outlook (from Outlook 2002). Both versions can free 30 days and be tested without restrictions. Who wants to run SimpleSYN continue after the trial period, receives the default version for low-priced 39,00 euro in the 2 computer license, the business version is for Having 49,00 euro. Torsten Leithold

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