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By all means with regard to my personal ambitions I want to follow in the literary scope, always from the point of view of publishing projects that leave the classic line, not because believes that it has something bad the publishing houses of century XX, but because I like to innovate and the 21st century seems to have the necessary thing to break with old woman beliefs. LM: It would follow like writer, soon like painter or sketcher, and if these two things failed, it would dispatch gasoline in some service station. I have noticed that is only possible to publish e-book You think that it is possible in the future to publish in paper? DC: If, it is part of our project that takes more of a life year and a half. LM: Yes, absolutely. The paper is ours priority, although does not seem it now. Only that today the unique form that we must to obtain that any writer publishes his works free of charge and with total freedom is through the electronic thing. Several authors (Spanish, Argentine and of Latin America) approached their texts to us to evaluate them and to publish them in paper. Our philosophy of work speech of autopublicacin in our site of Internet and to our cost the physical publication, does not interest the publishing house model to us where certain amount is due to pay to see published its texts, the idea is to have mix between gratuitous digital publications and physical publications payments (bookstores and classic channels of commercialization). We are working in several projects that still lacking a pair of months so that they become reality Greetings to all readers.

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