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The Metrolgico Man

This has stimulated its insertion in the education, with the objective of entrosar the two areas to enable human resources of quality in the accomplishment of scientific and technological research capable to help to create a metrolgica culture. 2. CONCEPTUALIZATION 2.1 The Metrolgico Man The history of the metrologia if confuses with the one of the proper civilization, participating of the basic movements in the politics, the economy and the religion, the organization of the peoples and its necessities to measure. The nomadic peoples compared distances in accordance with sun, the moon, the stars, they quantified the necessary water and foods to the displacements. The sedentary ones measured areas and extensions of lands, and counted to the seeds when establishing the distances of sowing, and following, to dimensionar the harvest. The working standard was the result of the production in relation to the weight of the human body. This culture of weights and the measures, and the measurements for comparison to a standard of linear measure, date of Egypt (3000 B.C.) and were based on dimensions of part of the human body, as ' ' cvado' ' (length of antebrao, the elbow to the average finger) and one submltiplo, the 9 digit. The antropomtrico system, although primitive, was considered for being most natural, accessible any individual, of easy comparison, manuscript and transport, therefore the man was the proper one measured; ' ' The man is the measure of all coisas' ' 10; thus Protgoras is attributed to it (480 B.C.) Greek philosopher, the relation of the men with the measures, even so in the reality, express thought a bigger idea that is of the limitation of the man in relation to the things, the true dimension of the man and not properly related to the physical measures that had been created to take care of the natural necessities.

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