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What is the fate of the male Gibbon, who was unable to prove its credibility in the native pride? Attitude toward it will be the same as for females, ie on the sidelines for the rest of life, and the penguin, not been able to gather up enough pebbles for his beloved no more luck. In nature, the key role played by power, audacity and cunning, while the man for the first places in life, you need faith, confidence and perseverance. For what man would not come from what would have dream, these three pillars vynesut it on top of success, what has all three concepts are crucial. At one of the forums, people asked me, commenting on the attitude of his friends to the network business' – too sharp negative should be such as garbage, rubbish, etc. ' My answer: 'In this case, I think, all a bit deeper, namely, your self-confidence. Personally, I doubt that I will tell your friends so in the face.

There is a saying 'It does not hurt you, it's you allowed, that would hurt you "If you take two rules, things can improve. First, behave in such a way as they would if they were sure not to lose. And secondly, imagine that all you want is happened, and with it – successfully. The person signed up, the product purchased, etc. People read this you have to subcortex, it is impossible to play.

Want the people to see your confidence, – lead, feel, feel so and so in the end become 'If you try to insult, humiliate, you will find confirmation of his point, that would not reduce their self-esteem. In the film, 'Brother 2', Daniel says, 'I wonder what the power of the truth. Who is true – that, and stronger. Here you have deceived someone money amassed, and then you become stronger? No – I did not! Because the truth is not for you! " Now ask yourself, if you hurt, can you not feel right? If the truth is actually on your side, you do not offend No one would dare. From that moment forever.

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