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Accounting Services Outsourcing

Accounting services for outsourcing. Instead purchase a truck delivery driver to find, to find an excellent programmer, without a doubt and without hesitation conclude a contract with specialized transport, logistics and IT-companies? But this transfer of functions to outsource your business! This type of outsourcing used in this country for a long time. Only the concept of "outsourcing" has come to us with the "west" relatively recently. Why, under the same conditions we say "no" to outsourcing bookkeeping services? The answer to this question can be found talking with the leaders of small and large companies in our country. As a result, have been studied dangers that we pursue that await us at the slightest mention in the event of any thoughts about the concept of 'support for accounting services. " Danger number 1 "outsourcing of accounting services" – " Accounting firms tell all the income of your employees.

" We know for sure and, tellingly, completely sure. At the same time, we do not think that tax officials (or the Pension Fund), have is the owner of "confidential information" that we ourselves eat offer, and can use it in any desired order. We are absolutely not interested in the fact that our company's accountant "in friendship", "spite" or trite because "we must also something to talk", can anyone tell how in-house, and behind them on the income of employees. Official site: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. We believe that our accountant is absolutely safe because it is "our accountant." But this is the biggest misconception, because reliability is determined not by the word "your", and a specific person, his reliability and loyalty. The probability that the accounting firm employee is friendly or hostile relations with any of our employees and will disclose to him the "secrets of wages" of our staff, or will transmit data to third parties? Obviously – the probability is extremely insignificant, and sense in such actions do not. .

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